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Strand 1 - Hannah Eve & Abraham Eve.

The earlist EVE listings for this state can be found in the 1723 census.They relate to Hannah Eve and Abraham Eve.

Abraham and Hannah Eve were married - date unkown. Abraham Eve died in 1723. Hannah later remarried

Abraham is described as a Colonel in the following

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research SCMAR, Volume XV Number 3, Summer, 1987 Some Colonial Tax Officials

In "An Act for Raising the Sum of £.70,000, on Lands and Negroes …" ratified in open Assembly Feb. 20, 1718/19 (Statutes at Large of South Carolina, III, pp. 69—84) we find described a primitive bureaucracy charged with the duty of raising taxes for the province in the twilight of the Proprietary regime. Three levels of officials are mentioned, the lowest being "inquirers or inquisitors." They are listed by name in the Act. Parish of St. Philips, Charlestown

  • —within the town plott Mr Elisha Prioleau Mr Richard Wigg Mr Joseph Wragg
  • —without the limits of said town plott, upon the Neck Mr John Pendarvis Mr Charles Burnham
  • Christ Church Parish - Mr Thomas Barksdale Mr Thomas Boon Mr John Vanderhorst
  • St Thomas and St Dennis - Capt Robert King Mr Nathaniel Ford Mr John Akins Mr Josiah Dupree Mr Daniel Hugier
  • St Johns - Mr Gabriel Marion Mr Daniel Ravenel Mr John Harleston
  • St James, Goose Creek - Major Thomas Smith Mr Robert Howes Mr Isaac Porcher Mr John Parker Mr Benjamin Gibbes
  • St Andrews - for the south side of Ashley River Mr Champernown Elliott Mr William Fuller.
  • For the north side of Ashley River Mr Richard Butley Mr James Boswood..For the head of Ashley River Mr William Wallis Mr Roger Saunders.
  • For James Island Mr William Wilkins Mr John Hern.
  • For the several parishes of Colleton County, viz, for John's Island Colonel John Ferrwick Mr Hugh Hext Mr Samuel Jones. For Wadmelaw Island Mr William Williams Mr Samuel Underwood. For Edisto Island Mr Joseph Sealy Mr Lawrence Dennis. For Stono Mr Richard Capers Capt Thos. Elliott. For east side of Pon-pon or South Edisto river Col. Abraham Eve, Capt William Scott.
  • Parish of St Bartholomew, viz, west side of S. Edisto River Capt John Jackson Mr Robert Cox
  • For Ashepoo Mr Robert Seabrook Mr William Bellinger Mr John Edwards
  • For Combahee and Chehaw Capt. John Palmer Capt. Rowland Evans
  • St James, Santee, Craven County Mr Peter Robert Mr Elias Horey Mr Isaac Legrand Donnerville
  • For English Santee Capt Benjamin Schenckingh Capt John Cantey
  • For Winneau Capt Robert Scriven Mr Samuel Miller
  • St Helen's in Granville County Mr Robert Wilkenson Mr Richard Reynolds Capt John Beamor

Hannah Eve is listed in the 1723 census in St.Andrews Parish, Berkeley County SC. Index reference SCS1a1035641. She married Robert Younge on the 15th August 1723.

They had the following children.

  • Lydia Yonge

Strand 2 - Tree of Oswell Eve

Whislt Oswell Eve is most closely associated with Pennslyvania and Georgia. There are references to connections to South Carolina.

The 1790 census lists a Oswald Eve in the Charleston District.

There are also later references in Social Security death records to the following

  • Harford Eve - born 23rd Oct 1888. Died Mar 1983 Beaufort, Beaufort, SC.
  • Sadie Eve - born 4th Dec 1895. Died Aug 1994 Beaufort, Beaufort, SC.

References to the above and other EVE's who lived in South Carolina can be found by clicking on the following link.

Tree of Oswell Eve

Unlinked Eve's

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James Eve - Colleton County SC. Page number 48, index reference SC320405068


Joseph Eve - Colleton County SC. Page number 447, index number SC560129516.


Laura Eve - Listed as living in Langley, Aiken County. Laura Eve is listed as being 30 years old born in Georgia. She is listed as a widow and black. In 1880 she was working as a washer woman.


John Eve - Listed as living in Barnwell Township, Barnwell County. He was born in October 1865 in Georgia. He father was born in Georgia his mother was born in Virginia. His enthnic background is given as black. He married Minnie in about 1888. She was born in June 1870 in South Carolina. her parents were also born in South Carolina. They had four children in 1900. In 1900 John was listed as a brick mason. Minnie was a teacher. In 1900 the household consisted of John, Minnie, their 4 children and Minnie's mother Sarah Saunter who was 54 in 1900. Details of their children are listed below;
  • Ida Eve - born July 1889
  • Alice Eve - born September 1891
  • John Eve - born May 1894
  • Leon Eve - born April 1897

Leon Eve may be listed in the 1920 Census living in Arkansas.

Leon E Eve - 1920 Census Arkansas

John Eve may be listed in the 1920 Census living in Memphis.

John Eve - 1920 Census Tennessee

Social Security Deaths

  • Philip Eve - born 6th Sept 1911. Died Sept 1977 North Augusta, Aiken, SC
  • Walter Eve - born 7th Oct 1915. Died 9th Jan 1999 North Augusta, Aiken, SC.

Telephone Listings

The following current listings are present.



The only EVE listings for this state relate to the following Census listings.



  • ? Eve - Elk Point Post Office, Brookings County SD. Page 10. Age 37, femala and of Indian ethnic background - keeping house.