Eve Surname Pages


First Generation

1. Weston Eve

Born 1540 in Abbess Roding. Died 1607 in Abbess Roding. He married Elizabeth, in about 1565 in Abbess Roding. She was born about 1540 and died in 1607 in Abbes Roding. They had the following children:

  • John Eve (2)
  • Mary Eve; Born 1567 in Abbes Roding. Died? She married Thomas Dyer in 1618 in Abbes Roding.
  • Weston Eve (3)
  • Marian Eve; Born 1576 in Abbes Roding. She married John Barnard in, 1604 in Abbes Roding.
  • Richard Eve (4)
  • Andrew Eve; Born 1574 in Abbes Roding. He died After 1595 in Abbes Roding
  • Adam Eve(5)
  • Thomas Eve; Born 1577 in Abbes Roding.
There a numerous references to Weston Eve's life mainly in wills and property records.

1559 - He was witness to the will of WILLIAM EVE of Beauchamp Roding who could have been his older brother.

1575 - He and his probable brother THOMAS were debtors in the will of Stephan Collin who was an important landowner in the Rodings.

1576 - He was an overseer in the will of Gylberde Gower.

1581 - He bought land in Little Cranfield, Great Cranfield and Dunmow with RAPLH EVE who was either his brother or cousin.

1585 - He witnessed the will of Gylberde Gowers wife Joan in Abbes Roding.

1592 - He witnessed the will of John Itteryche, with RALPH EVE his kinsman in Woodham Ferrers.

1592 - In Abbes Roding, a bond of 150 was released from Robert Beard to Weston Eve the son and heir of Weston yeoman.

1593 - In White Roding, he sold Clarkes Croft, 15 acres to Robert Beard.

1595 - He was the witness to the will of WILLIAM EVE of Beuchamp Robing. WILLIAM was the son WILLIAM EVE who died in 1559. Another witness to the will was ANDREW EVE. ANDREW EVE's relationship to WESTON is not known.

1595 - In Abbes Roding a WESTON EVE was ordered to keep the peace with Thomas Poole.

1596 - He was an overseer in the will of Francis Lea.

1600 - He was a witness to the will of Henry Burle of Whoiter Roding.

Although WESTON EVE dis not leave a will, he appears to have been a wealthy yeoman, one well enough educated to supervise the legal documents of his contempories.