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TREE OF JOHN EVE. (Born about 1500) in WRITTE

First Generation

1. John Eve

Born about 1500. He died before 1580. He lived at Bedalls Hall, Writtle.

He had the following children:

  • William Eve (2)
  • Thomas Eve (3)
  • John Eve - born about 1520
A reference to John Eve's grave from 1580.

Richard Eve of Chignal St Mary and James, executor of John Eve of Bedalls Hall, which was in Writtle, was reprimanded because the was no stine laid upon Johns grave.

Richard Eve stated that John Eve was responsible as executor of Thomas Eve, the late vicar of Little Leighs and Mashbury and that Thomas was buried in the chancel in an uncovered grave.

Richard Eve was ordered to cover John's grave before Easter.