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Tenth Generation

52. John Richard Eve. Born 1833 in Silsoe Herts. Died 1902 in Ampthill.

He married Freda, 1859 in Ampthill. They had the following children:

  • John F Somners Eve; Born 1861 in Amphill. Died 1900 in Battle.He lived in Madras India He married Catherine Maud.
  • Arthur Stewart Eve; Born 1862 in Ampthill
  • Herbert Trustram Eve (56)
  • Percy Somners Eve; Born 1869 in Ampthill. Died 1870 in Ampthill.
  • Frank Cecil Eve; Born 1871 in Ampthill
  • Charles Gerald Eve; Born 1873 in Ampthill.

John Richard Eves second son ARTHUR STEWART attended Pembroke college Cambridge. He entered the university on Oct. 6, 1881.He is descrided as the son of Jacob Richard, husbandman, of Silsoe, Beds. He attnded school in Berkhamsted. He had a distngushed academic record 15th Wrangler, 1884; Nat. Sci. Trip., Pt II, 1st Class, 1885; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1888. D.Sc. (at McGill University Canada.

He was the assistant master at Marlborough College, 1886-1902; Bursar, 1897-1902. Lecturer in Mathematics, McGill University, Montreal, 1903; Assistant Professor, 1905; Associate Professor, 1909. Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, 1910. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Capt., 3rd/4th Overseas Universities Companies, C.E.F.; Major, 148th Batt. C.E.F.; Col., 1918). Director of Research, Admiralty Experimental Station, Harwich, 1917-18. F.R.S., 1917. Director of Physics, McGill University, 1919-35. President, Royal Society of Canada, 1919-30. C.B.E., 1918.

He wrote a number of books on ), Applied Geo-Physics; College Physics; and the Life of Lord Rutherford.

He was a friend and worked with Lord Rutherford.(see later)

He returned to England after he retired and settled at Overponds Cottage, Shackleford, near Godalming, Surrey, He died there in 1941.

McGill university has copies of correspondence between ARTHUR STEWART and Lod Rutherford.

A brief Biography of his life is reproduced below; Born in England, A.S. Eve was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and came to McGill in 1903 as demonstrator and researcher in physics. His first area of specialization was mathematics, but under Rutherford's influence he became more deeply involved in research on radioactivity. He worked in close association with Rutherford, and later wrote his biography. Eve rose to the rank of Associate Professor of mathematics and in 1908 took the additional title of Lecturer in radioactivity. In 1913 he became Macdonald Professor of Physics, and in 1919 succeeded H.T. Barnes as Chairman of the department. He was Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research from 1930 until his retirement in 1935. As a scientist, he was known not only for his contributions in the fields of radioactivity, atmospheric electricity and geophysics, but as a popular lecturer and author of textbooks.

There are records of Arthur Stewart Eve's travels to the USA contained in transcripts of the Ellis Island records. Click link below.

Ellis Island Transcripts

John Richard Eve's fifth son FRANK CECIL EVE attended Emmanuel College Cambridge. He entered Emmanuel on the Feb. 20, 1890. Son of Jacob? Richard] EVE Esq., of Elmhurst, Bedford.

He obtained a B.A. (Nat. Sci. Trip., 1st Class) in 1893; M.B. and B.C. 1900; M.D. 1903.

At St Thomas's Hospital, London (Scholar). F.R.C.P., 1915. Consulting Physician, Royal Infirmary and Physician, Victoria Hospital for Children, Hull. Demonstrator in Physiology, Leeds University, 1896. House Physician, Royal Infirmary, Hull.

He lived at 14, Albion Street, Hull, and The Elms, North Bar Without, Beverley..

53. William Eve. Born 1835 in Silsoe Herts. Died 1915 in Stoke Newington.

He married Caroline, 1858 in Hackney. Died 1824 in Stoke Newington. They had the following children:

  • Carrie Eve; Born 1864 in Hackney.
  • Ethel Eve; Born 1865 in Hackney.
  • William H Eve; Born 1866 in Hackney.
  • Herbert Frank Eve; Born 1868 in Hackney.
  • Frank Norman Eve (57)
  • Lily Eve; Born 1870 in Ampthill.
  • Theobald Eve; Born 1879 in Ampthill. Died 1882 in Ampthill.

54. Frederick Eve. Born 1848 in Newport Pagnell.

He married Ann, 1874 in Newport Pagnell. They had the following children:

  • Florence Eve; Born 1875.
  • Henry Price Eve; Born 1878.
  • William F Eve; Born 1877.

55. Robert Henry Eve. Born 1849 in Maldon. Died 1922 in Maldon.

He married Caroline, 1879 in Maldon. Died 1929 in Maldon. They had the following children:

  • Jessie C Eve; Born 1884.
  • Connie Eve;
  • Charles Weston Eve; Born 1888.
  • Robert Norman Eve; Born 1893.