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A number of the EVE's listed below are included in the tree of Joseph Eve. These include

Thomas Jones Eve

Thomas Jones Eve is listed in the 1850 census as living in Fabius Township, Knox County MO. Page number 111, index number MOS7a1646660. See tree of Joseph Eve

The listing shows

  • Thomas J Eve - aged 34 born Virginia
  • George Eve - aged 72 (his father) born Virginia
  • Martha J Eve - aged 64 (his mother) born Virginia.

America Eve

America Eve is shown as living in Clinton County MO. Page number 99, index number MO30155736. An America L Ballinger married John Gill Eve (13) in 1818. .

Their son, Lilborne Eve, who was born in about 1838 in Kentucky is listed as living in Clinton County MO. Page 125, index number MO30155737. He married Melinda Albright on the 23rd Feb 1865 in Clay Co. MO.

America Eve is listed in the 188O census living in Jackson, Clinton County. She is listed as being 77 years old living at the home of her daughter America Hullen and son in law Thomas A Hullen. Her daughter is listed as being 38 years old.

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Tree of Joseph Eve

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Census Listings


David J Eve - Saltriver Township, Knox County MO page number 127 - The listing shows David J Eve aged 35 born in Virginia a farmer. His wife Mary Eve age 30 born Kentucky. Real estate value $2000. Value of personal property $1800. Also living at the same address

  • Zaielda A Eve - age 9 born Missouri
  • Sarah E Eve - age 4 born Missouri
  • Rhoda Eve - age 3 born Missouri
  • H W Eve - age 8 months born Missouri
  • William Eve - age 62 born Kentucky
  • Sarah Eve - age 20 born Missouri
  • Thomas H Eve - age 18 born Missouri
August Eve - Ward 2 St.Louis, St. Lewis County page number 742. August Eve is listed as aged 36 a painter. He was born in Brandenberg Germany. Also listed is his wife Helene Eve age 28 also born Germany.


William Eve - W. St. Louis, St. Louis County MO. Page number 527. The listing shows William Eve age 30, a labourer born Prussia. Also at the same address.

  • Mary Eve - age 29 born Ireland
  • Doretta Eve - age 5 born Missouri
William T Eve - Fabius Twp, Knox County MO. Page number 781. The listing shows William T Eve age 26, born Kentucky a farmer. Also at the same address Sallie T Eve. age 24 born Kentucky.


Chas J. Eve is listed as living in Easton Avenue, 27 Ward Saint Louis, Saint Louis County. He was born in October 1833 in Germany. He came to the US in 1865. In 1900 was single working as a steward in a teacher training school.

Ephraim W. Eve is listed as living in Harrison Township, Vernon County. He was born in Nebraska in October 1868. His parents were born in England. He married Martha in about 1890. She was born in Missouri in July 1874. Her parents were born in Georgia. In 1900 he was a farmer living with his wife and two children who were born in Missouri.

  • Nora M Eve - born July 1891.
  • Guy Eve - born Oct 1894.

Georgia Eve - Listed as living in Bee Ridge, Knox County. Listed as 16 years old born in Missouri. She was living at the home of Charles Mitchell and his wife Kate - ages 68 and 42. Georgia is described as step daughter. Her father was born in Kentucky. Mother born Michigan.


Herbert C Eve - Listed as living as a lodger in St Joseph, Buchanan County. He is listed as being 24 years old and single. His father was born in Kansas, his mother was born in South Dakota. He was working as a decorator. He was the son of John and Bertha Eve - see Colorado pages.

Herbert Eve was born on the 28 Feb 1906. He died in February 1974. He lived in Abilene, Taylor, TX.

Mary A Eve - Listed as living at St. Anthony's Home for Infants, Kansas City. She is listed as being one month old. She was born in Kansas City. Her parents were born in the US.

Social Security Deaths

One EVE is listed.

  • John Eve - born 22nd Feb 1909. He died in Nov 1977 in Raytown, Kansas City, Clay, MO

Telephone Listings

There are four telephone listings for this state.



Census Listings


Social Security Death Records

  • Frank Eve - born 26th Dec 1894. He died in March 1979 in Big Sandy, Chouteau, MT.
  • Grace Eve - born 18th Oct 1908. She died on the 15th March 1999 in Corvallis, Ravalli, MT.
  • Joseph Eve - born 2nd May 1908. He died in Feb 1988 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT.

Land Records

The following records of land purchases have been traced

  • Elmer J Eve - Purchased 150 acres of land at the Havre Land Office on the 20th January 1921.
  • Frank Eve - Purchased 200 acres of land at the Havre Land Office on the 3rd March 1921.
  • Leo Eve - Purchased 200 acres of land at the Havre Land Office on the 22nd March 1918.

Telephone Listings

There are twenty telephone listings for this state.

  • HELENA MT x 2
  • LOLO MT x 2