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The earliest EVE recorded on Maryland is Mary Eve born about 1709.

She was born in Fredrick, Maryland.

She married George Winter who was born about 1705 in Fredrick, Maryland. He died in 1749 also in Fredrick. They had the following children.

  • George Winter - born 1731 Washington, Maryland. He died there in Dec 1798.

Census Listings


Elizabeth Eve - Frederick County MD page number 135. the listing shows Elizabeth Eve as head of a family of 2 females 1 aged between 16 and 26 and 1 aged over 45.


Malvia Eve - Baltimore County MD page number 255. Malvia Eve is listed as being 16 years old, black and living at the home of Andrew R Bumwalt? a carpenter. Malvia Eve was born in Maryland.

Maria Eve - Frederick County MD page number 58. The listing shows Maria Eve age 71 living at the home of William Hobb who was a butcher. Maria Eve was born in Maryland.


Dorsey Eve - Listed as living in Cumberland Central, Allegany. He was living at the home of Thomas and Mary A McCardell. He is described as his brother in law. In 1880 he was 48 years old born Virginia. His occupation is given as editor of paper. He is listed as single. Edwin Dorsey Eve was the son of George W Eve. See link below;

Tree Of George W Eve


Alhua Susan Eve - Was living at the Mount Hope Retreat, Baltimore County. Her age is given as 62 years old (birth about 1838). She was born in Bermuda. He status is described as insane patient.

Social Security Death Records

  • Sarah Eve - born 26th December 1886. She died in Oct 1978, St Micheals, Talbot MD. Link to Georgia before 1951.

Telephone Listings

The following telephone lists are present

  • BOWIE MD 20


This state contains the earliest references to the EVE name in the USA.

Adam Eve was born around 1655. Whether he was born in the USA or was from elsewhere is unknown.

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1 Adam Eve

Adam Eve was born in about 1655 in or near Boston.

He married Elizabeth Barsham on the 5th July 1694 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. She was born on the 29th July 1659 at: Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. She died: on the 28th July 1735. Details of her family are set out below:

They had the following children.

  • Annabella Eve (2) - born 20th June 1695 in Watertown. She died in 1733 also in Watertown.
  • Mary Eve (3) - born in 1712 in Roxbury, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Barsham's father was William Barsham. See below



OCCUPATION: Possibly a carpenter, as he was involved twice in assessing work on building the meetinghouse, 10 December 1652, 14 October 1654 [WaTR 1:29, 31, 38], and on 19 January 1662/3 was to determine the repairs necessary to the Mill Bridge [WaTR 1:75]. In his will he gave to son Nathaniel "all my working tools and my furnace kettle"; a furnace kettle could be used to melt metals, especially lead, so William Barsham may also have found work as a glazier, producing leaded windows. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Watertown church prior to 9 March 1636/7 implied by freemanship. FREEMAN: 9 March 1636/7 [MBCR 1:372]. EDUCATION: Signed his will on 28 August 1683 with a firm and distinctive hand, and signed the codicil on 15 April 1684 with a shaky but still legible hand. Bequeathed his Bible to daughter Hannah Spring. Inventory included "four old small old books" valued at 5s. OFFICES: Gave evidence in death of Austen Bratcher, 28 September 1630 [MBCR 1:78]; petty jury, 19 September 1637 [MBCR 1:203]. Chosen Watertown selectman, 22 December 1652 [WaTR 1:31]; chosen "clerk of the market to seal weights and measures," 26 February 1655/6 [WaTR 1:45]; committee for the proprietors of the farms, 6 October 1662 [WaTR 1:75]. ESTATE: "William Bassum" granted thirty acres in Watertown Great Dividend, 25 July 1636 [WaBOP 4]; granted three acres in Beaverbrook Plowlands, 28 February 1636/7 [WaBOP 5]; granted three acres in the Remote Meadows, 26 June 1637 [WaBOP 10]; granted a farm of eighty-eight acres, 10 May 1642 [WaBOP 12]. In the 1644 Watertown Inventory of Grants, William Barsham held five parcels: homestall of twenty-eight acres, Great Dividend of thirty acres, three acres [Beaverbrook] Plowlands, three acres Remote Meadow, and six acres of upland at the Town Plot [WaBOP 83]; in the Inventory of Possessions he held one parcel: twenty acres of upland [abutting his homestall] [WaBOP 118]. In the Composite Inventory he held five parcels: homestall of forty-eight acres, Great Dividend of thirty acres, three acres Remote Meadow, three acres [Beaverbrook] Plowlands, and a farm of eighty-eight acres [WaBOP 26]. In his will, dated 28 August 1683 (with codicil of 15 April 1684) and proved 29 August 1684, William Barsham bequeathed to son John a two-year old heifer and the "vantage" [increase], four ewe sheep and 5 in silver; to "William Barsham the son of my son John Barsham" twenty shillings in silver; to son "Joshua Barsham" twenty shillings in silver and "my good musket"; to son "Nathaniel Barsham ... all my working tools and my furnace kettle"; to daughter "Hanna Spring" a cow, four ewe sheep, 3 in silver and "my bible"; to daughter "Susanna Capen" a cow, four ewe sheep, 3 in money and "my joined chair"; to daughter "Sarah Browne" a cow, four ewe sheep, 3 in silver and "my great armed chair"; to daughter "Mara Bright" a pair of oxen, four ewe sheep, 3 in silver and a great armed chair; to daughter "Rebecka Winship ... my farm of seventy-two acres"; to daughter Elizabeth Barsham "my farm of sixty-four acres"; to last two daughters, Rebecca Winship and Elizabeth Barsham, four acres in Thatcher's Meadow and all household stuff not previously mentioned to be divided between them; in a codicil of 15 April 1684 he bequeathed to "my daughters Hannah Spring, Susanna Capen, Sarah Browne, Mary Bright and my son John Barsham to each of them twenty shillings apiece" [MPR Case #1329]. The inventory of "the estate of William Barsham who deceased the 3d of July 1684" was taken 5 August 1684; no total of the values was made, but the inventory did include 26 in real estate: "seventy-two acres of land called farm land," 10; "sixty-four acres of land called farm land," 10; and "four acres of meadow in Thatcher's Meadow," 4 [MPR Case #1329].

BIRTH: By about 1610 based on approximated date of marriage. DEATH: Watertown 3 or 13 July 1684 "widower" [MPR Case #1329; WaVR 55]. MARRIAGE: By 1635 Anabel Smith alias Bland, born say 1615, daughter of John Smith alias Bland [TAG 61:20-21]; d. by 23 August 1683 (not named in husband's will). CHILDREN: i JOHN, b. Watertown 8 December 1635 [WaVR 4]; Harvard College 1658 [Sibley 1:539-40]; m. by 1670 Mehitable _____ [GDMNH 78]. ii ANNA/HANNAH, b. Watertown 7 January 1637/8 [WaVR 5]; m. Watertown 19 December 1656 John Spring [WaVR 18]. iii JOSHUA, b. Watertown 15 March 1640 [WaVR 8]; on 24 April 1657 a writ was issued to the constable of Watertown "to attach the body of Joshua Barsham & take bond of him to the value of twenty pounds with sufficient surety or sureties for his appearance at the next County Court held at Charlestown to answer the complaint of John Sherman Sr. in an action of the case for calling his son John Sherman from his work & going away with him & for damage sustained thereby ..." [MCF Folio #19]; d. after 28 April 1683, apparently unmarried. iv SUSANNA, b. Watertown 28 January 1641[/2] [WaVR 9]; m. Dorchester 19 November 1663 John Capen [DTR 21], son of John Capen and grandson of BERNARD CAPEN. v NATHANIEL, b. ca. 1644; m. Watertown 13 March 1678[/9] Elizabeth Bond [WaVR 45]. vi SARAH, b. say 1646; m. (1) Lynn 3 March 1673/4 Samuel Mansfield; m. (2) Reading 14 November 1681 John Brown [Bailey 3:80]. vii MARY, b. Watertown 23 June 1648 [WaVR 14]; m. Watertown 7 May 1675 John Bright [WaVR 40]. viii REBECCA, b. Watertown 12 December 1657 [WaVR 20]; m. Cambridge 14 May 1683 Edward Winship. ix ELIZABETH, b. Watertown 29 July 1658 [sic] [WaVR 20]; m. Watertown 5 July 1694 Adam Eve [Bailey 3:107].

COMMENTS: The dates of birth for the last two children are obviously too close, and Savage has corrected the year of birth for Elizabeth to 1659, but given the long gap between Mary and Rebecca, the more likely solution is that Rebecca was born in 1656. Bond gives William a son William "mentioned in his father's will," and is followed in this by Savage. Bond must have misread the will, which refers to "William Barsham the son of my son John Barsham." Joshua apparently never married, and Nathaniel had no children, so the only grandson with the Barsham surname was this William, son of John. William Barsham refers to his daughter Sarah only as "Sarah Browne," and on this basis various Brown families have claimed her as the wife of some man with an otherwise unidentified wife Sarah. In Torrey's index "Sarah [Barsham?]" is suggested as the wife of John Brown of Reading (as his second wife, the marriage taking place on 14 November 1681) and of William Brown of Salem and Marblehead (the marriage taking place by 1669). When Sarah Barsham's brother Nathaniel made his will on 10 May 1716 he, like his father, referred unhelpfully to "my sister [worn] Brown," but also in his probate packet was the following deposition:

William Bond, Jonas Bond and Hepzibah Bond do testify & say that we being all related to Capt. Nathaniel Barsham and very conversant at his house both formerly and lately we do well remember that many of his relations who were sister's children lived with the said Capt. Barsham many years, some a longer, some a short time, as namely Abigail Spring, Susannah Spring, Andrew Mansfeild, Bethiah Mansfeild and Nathanill Brown [MPR Case #1328].

The affiants were related to Elizabeth Bond, Nathaniel Barsham's wife, and the first two relations named were children of John and Hannah (Barsham) Spring. This document proves that the Sarah Barsham who married Samuel Mansfield in Lynn was this daughter of William Barsham, and that she married second a Brown, by whom she had a son Nathaniel. Samuel Mansfield died in 1679, and "the father of Samuel Mansfield, and the father of the wife, with the consent of the wife, chose and empowered Mr. Thomas Laughton Sr., Andrew Mansfield and Nathaniel Bersham to divide the estate" [EPR 3:306-07]. The chronology eliminates William Brown of Salem and Marblehead as a candidate for Sarah's second husband, as that man was supposed to have married her by 1669, far too early. The record of the second marriage of John Brown of Reading comes from the vital records sent to the county clerk for recording, and not from the town records. This entry gives the date of the marriage, 14 November 1681, but not the surname of the bride. John and Sarah Brown of Reading did have a son Nathaniel, born 22 April 1688, who in turn named one of his daughters Bethia, presumably for his elder half-sister [TAG 30:16]. Reading and Lynn at that time shared a common boundary, and a number of close relatives of Samuel Mansfield lived in Reading in this same time period. These clues all add up to the conclusion that this John Brown was the second husband of Sarah Barsham. When William Barsham made his will his daughter Rebecca had been married to Edward Winship for just over three months. This explains the bequest to her of two parcels of land and half the household goods, which must have been her marriage portion, as it was equal to the legacy received by her younger, unmarried sister, and more than what was received by the other married daughters.

2 Annabella Eve

Annabelle Eve was born on the 20th June 1695 in Watertown, Mass.She died in 1733 also in Watertown,

She married Jonathan Benjamin who was born on the 23rd November 1690 in Watertown. They married on the 23rd December 1714. They had the following children.

  • Elizabeth Benjamin - born 10th Jan 1714/15
  • Mercy Benjamin - born 2nd December 1717
  • Annabelle Benjamin - born 11th March 1719/20
  • Jerusha Benjamin - born 13th July 1723
  • Mindwell Benjamin - born 3rd May 1726
  • Sarah Benjamin - born 5th Feb 1727/28
  • Daniel Benjamin - born 1st June 1731

3 Mary Eve

Mary Eve was born in 1712 in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

She married Ebenezer Hemenway who was born on the 24th Oct 1712 in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. They had the following children.

  • Adam Hemenway - born after 1730 at: Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He died either at Shrewsbury or Boylston, Worcester County.
  • Jacob Hemenway - born after 1730 at: Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Eaton Sybilla Walke before 1775. He died 19th December 1822 at Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
  • Mary Hemenway - born 4th November 1734 at: Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She died on the 18th Feb 1821 at Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
  • Hannah Hemenway - born 27th March 1737 at: Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She married Charles Dougherty. She died before 1739 at: Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
  • Jeffrey Hemenway - born about 1738 at: Boston, Massachusetts. He married Susannah Wright before 1761. He died on the 15th Aug 1819 at: Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts.
  • Ebenezer Hemenway - born 6th May 1740 at: Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He married Bathsheba Stone between 1762 and 1764 . She died on the 11th December 1831 at Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Census Listings


Joseph Eve - Listed as living in Spencer, Worcester County. He was born in about 1851 in Canada. His parents were also born in Canada. In 1880 he was married working as a boot bottomer. His wife Philomene Eve was also born in Canada in about 1855. Children listed living at home are;
  • Rosanna Eve - Daughter born about 1874 in Massachusetts. In 1880 she was at school.
  • Ulrie Eve - Son born about 1875 in Massachusetts
  • Adalard Eve - Son born about 1877 in Massachusetts
  • Georgina Eve - Daughter born about 1879 in Massachusetts

Frank Eve - Living in Boston (Ward 10). He was born in August 1861 in Bermuda. His parents were also born in Bermuda. In 1900 he was single working as a porter. He was living as a boarder in Reidmont Street at the house of Landers Wooton. His ethnic origin is given as black.


Richard Eve - Listed as living in Boston, Suffolk County. he is listed as aged 53 born in New Hampshire. His father was born in New Hampshire. His mother was born in Maine. His occupation is given as mining. Also listed are;
  • Sarah J Eve - wife, age 46 born Massachusetts
  • Serena Eve - daughter, age 9 born Massachusetts

James J Eve - Listed as living in Southbridge, Worcester County. He was listed as 27 years old born in Connecticut. He was working as a book-keeper in an optical factory. Also listed are;
  • Mary C Eve - age 24, wife. Born in Connecticut. Father born Irish Free State. Mother born Connecticut.
  • Marguerite Eve - age 4 months. Born Massachusetts.

Social Security Death Records


Telephone Listings

There are currently seven EVE's listed.

  • AMHERST MA x 3