Eve Surname Pages

USA STATES - Idaho & Iowa


1920 Census

Ralph V Eve - Listed as living in Caldwell, Canyon County. He is listed as 29 years old born in Iowa. His parents were born in Iowa. In 1920 he was working as a brick mason. Also listed are.
  • Myrtle Eve - wife age 27. She was born Iowa. He father was born in Missouri. Her mother was born in Iowa.
  • Roland Thatcher - stepson age 6 - born Iowa
1930 Census

Roy M Eve ? - Listed as living in Greer, Clearwater County. He is listed as 34 years old, born in Oregon. He was a farmer. His father was born in Missouri and his mother in Kansas. Also listed are;
  • Della G Eve - age 31, wife. Born West Viginia as were her parents.


Census Listings

The only details I have relate to listings in the 1870 and 1900 census. Any further information would be appreciated.

1870 Census

Jennie Eve - Adams County IA, Quincy Township page 104. The listing shoes Jennie Eve age 15 born Iowa. She is living at the home of Hiram Gentle born New York a bridge foreman.

Joseph H Eve - Mitchell County IA, Osage Township page 189. The listing shows Joseph H Eve age 31 born Canada. He is listed as an Agricultural implement dealer. Also listed are;

  • Fannie Eve - age 24 born Canada - keeping house
  • ? Eve - age 6 - male - born Iowa
  • Almond Eve - age 7 months - born Iowa

1900 Census

Charles R Eve - can be found in Mills County, Glenwood Township. Charles R Eve was born in November 1872 in England. It is likely that he was Charles Robert T Eve born in Greenwich near London. His birth was registered in December 1872. In the census he is described as a cook working at the Iowa Institution for the Feeble Minded. He came to the USA in 1887. Both of his parents were born in England. He was single in 1900, aged 27 years.

In the 1930 census Charles R Eve is listed as living in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County. He is listed as being 57 years old born in England. He married in about 1916. He is listed as being the owner of a bakery. Also listed are;
  • Rosella Eve - wife age 52. Born Nebraska. Her father was born in Indiana her mother was born in Tennessee.
  • ? Mc Ilney - step son age 30. He was born in Nebraska.