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Strand 1 - Thomas Jones Eve

The first recorded EVE in California was Thomas J Eve who appears in the 1870 census in Sierra County.

1870 - Thomas J Eve - Sierra County CA. Table Rock Township page 571. The listing shows Thomas J Eve age 54, a miner born Virginia. Real estate property value $13,200. Also living at the same address - George Spicer age 41 also a miner born Mass.

In the 1880 census Thomas J Eve is listed as living in Howland Flat, Sierra County. He is listed as single aged 64. His occupation is given as a gold miner. Also living at the same address is;

  • Dorcas M Mason - sister aged 66. She is listed as being a widow
Thomas Jones EVE was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on the 1st Aug 1815 he was the son of George EVE jr who was born in Virginia in 1775. His line can be traced back to Joseph Eve who was transported to the USA in the 1730's. See Virginia & Kentucky pages for further details

Thomas came to California in the 1850's and was later joined by his sisters Dorcas, Elizabeth and Lucy in the early 1860's. According to Arnold Taylor they appear on mining claims in the 1860's & 1870's. Thomas Jones Eve died in 1886 in Loyalton, California

The next reference I have to the EVE name relates to Edward EVE who is listed in a 1889 directory as a freight clerk in San Francisco.

Based on recorded deaths in California out of a total of twelve EVE's born between 1872 & 1900 at most 3 were born in California.

3 have no details of place of birth

  • Charles R Eve - born 16 Nov 1872 - died in Los Angeles on the 31st Oct 1963 aged 90 years
  • Artena B Eve - born 13th Nov 1884 - died in Los Angeles on the 25th Oct 1964 aged 79 years
  • Louis G Eve - born 20th June 1899 (mothers maiden name was Lockwood. He died in Los Angeles on the 13th Nov 1960 aged 61 yrs

Is Charles R Eve related to Thomas Jones Eve listed above?

3 were born in New York

  • Mabel Deland Eve - born 17th Oct 1878 (mothers maiden name Pollard, fathers name Deland) in New York. She died in Orange Co on the 1st Dec 1959 aged 81 yrs.
  • Joseph M Eve - born 9th Jan 1896 in New York. He died in San Diego on the 1st July 1990 aged 94 years
  • Sadie Eve - born 24 June 1896 (mothers maiden name Vita). She died in Los Angeles on the 17th May 1995 aged 99 years

1 - was born in Utah - Arthur Sterling Eve

Arthur Sterling Eve - born 27th Sept 1899 in Utah (mothers maiden name Tucker). He died in San Francisco on the 9th Sept 1954 aged 54 years. He married Edna Hasalone and had the following children. See Utah state pages;

  • Glenn William Eve - born 23rd June 1921 in Utah. Mothers maiden name Hasalone. Died Los Angeles August 1994. He married and had children - living.
  • Joe Robert Eve - born 24th Sept 1925 in Utah. Mothers maiden name Hasalone. Died Los Angeles on the 24th August 1994. No children.
  • Harry Eve - born Feb 1929. He died on the 30th Apr 1994 in Laughlin, NV. He married and had children - living.

3 were classed as being born "other or rest" indicating that they were probably migrants to the USA.

  • Benjamin Arthur Eve - born 9th July 1878 (mothers maiden name Bennes). He died in San Francisco on the 1st Aug 1953 aged 75 years.
  • Harry Wesson Eve - born 6th Aug 1879 (mothers maiden name Featherstone). He died in Los Angeles on the 24th May 1957 aged 77 years. See Great Britain pages - Harry Eve's ancestry can be traced back to the EVE's of Roxwell.
  • Fanny M Eve - born 26th Aug 1897 (mothers maiden name Meckels, fathers name Binder). She died in Los Angeles on the 19th May 1985 aged 87 years.

1 was born in Nebraska

  • Rosezella Elizabeth Eve - born 26th July 1877 (mother maiden name Cherrie, fathers name Siddens). She died on the 15th July 1958 aged 54 years

Of the seven EVE's who died in California who were born between 1900 and 1920 - none were born in California.

2 were probably born outside of the USA

  • Walter C EVE b 30 July 1919, He died in Santa Barbara on the 8th May1977 aged 57 yrs.
  • Leslie Arthur EVE born 15th Dec 1903 (mothers maiden name Poague). He died on the 17th Nov 1959 in Sacramento aged 55 years

The other EVE's born in that decade were all born outside of California.

  • Elizabeth Prentis Eve born 12th Oct 1913 in New London, Connecticut (mothers maiden name Avery, fathers name Prentis). She died on the 29th Jan 1994 in Napa. Elizabeth was the wife of Edward Armstrong Eve who was born 1907 and died in 1981. See Connecticut pages and the Tree of Oswell Eve.
  • Arthur N Eve born on the 24th Dec 1916 in Indiana. He died in Sacramento on the 20th March 1972. .
  • Cleopatra Lavaun Eve born Iowa on the 12th Nov 1919. Died Santa Barbara on the 19th May 1991.
  • Lillie Mae Eve born 9th Jan 1915. (Mothers maiden name was Winstead, fathers name Blaylock). Born on Oklahoma. Died Riverside 18th Feb 1990.
  • Merrill H Eve - born 25th Jan 1906. Mothers maiden name Holden. Born in Illinois. Died Los Angeles 28th Oct 1962.

Of the Eve's born between 1920 and 1930, only one was born in California.

  • Robert Michael Eve born 27th July 1924. Born California. Mothers maiden name Blalock. He died in San Mateo on the 11th April 1989. QUERY - any relation to Lillie Mae Eve (see above).
  • Milton Misha Eve - born 17th Oct 1927 in New York. Died Los Angeles 6th Aug 1984. His father was Joseph Eve born about 1896 in New York. His parents were born in Poland. His mother was Fanny Eve who was born about 1898 in Russia. The family appear in the 1930 census in New Jersey.
  • Shirley Robertson Eve - born 25th Oct 1926 in Maine. Mothers maiden name Snow. Fathers name Robinson. Died Maine 7th Sept 1986 in Orange.
  • Douglas Alan Eve - Born on the 5th Dec 1933 in New York. Mothers maiden name Peacock. Died in San Diego on the 1st Feb 1999.
  • John H Eve - born Colorado on the 18th Oct 1934. Died Los Angeles on the 30th May 1973.
  • Paul Arthur Eve - born on the 14th Aug 1938, place unknown. Died Los Angeles on the 18th May 1991.

The above were taken from a database of Death Records: records from 1940 through 1995.

Databases relating to births can be accessed from at Genealogy.com

There is only one record of a birth before 1930 - Marian G Eve - born 18th Nov 1913 in Los Angeles. There are listings of other births after 1950. These have not been listed in the interests of privacy.

Census Listings

1900 Census

There are two EVE's listed in the 1900 census. Both are contained in the Indian Census for the Hoopa Valley Boarding School.

    Bessie Eve- Pupil at the school aged 7 (born 1893). She is listed as being born in California. Her fathers place of birth is unknown but he is described as white. Her mother was born in California and is from the Klamath tribe.
    George Eve- Pupil at the school aged 11 (born 1889). He is listed as being born in California. Her fathers place of birth is unknown but he is described as white. Her mother was born in California and is from the Klamath tribe.
1920 Census

Sarah E Eve - listed as living in Los Angeles. She was 73 years old and born in Mew York. He father was born in Massachusetts and her mother was born in Connecticut. She is listed as a widow. Also listed;
  • Edward Eve - age 17, adopted son. he was born in California. His mother was Swedish. He was a automotive machinist.
Corine Eve - listed as living in San Francisco. She was 54 years old of coloured descent. She was born in New York. Also listed is
  • Corine Eve - daughter age 30. She was born in Delaware . Her father was born in Canada.

Telephone Listings

There are currently 29 telephone listings of EVE's in California.

  • ULLERTON CA - x 2
  • LA JOLLA CA x 2
  • OAKLAND CA x 3