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Tree of Ralph Eve (b1540) (brother of Weston Eve)

First Generation

1. Ralph Eve

Ralph Eve was born in about 1540. He died in 1613 in Little Canfield. He married Clemence Straton, 1568 in Aythorpe Roding. She died in 1619 in Little Canfield. They had the following children:

  • John Eve (2)
  • Richard Eve; born 1577 in Great Canfield
  • Ralph Eve (3)
  • Elizabeth Eve; born about 1582.
  • George Eve; born about 1584 in Aythorpe Roding
  • Agnes Eve; born 1586 in Great Canfield. She married Matthew Norman in 1607.

Second Generation

2. John Eve

John Eve was born 1571 in Abbess Roding. He died in 1646 Little Canfield. He first married Dorcas Aylett in 1598 at Leaden Roding. They had the following children:

  • Ralph Eve (4)
  • Dorcas Eve; Born about 1600. She married John Godfrey. 1621 in Little Canfield.
He second married Sara. They had the following children.

  • Sara Eve

3. Ralph Eve

Ralph Eve was born in 1580. Children;

  • Joanna Eve; Born 1606 in Abbess Roding.
  • Ralph Eve (5)