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The Eve's of Pleshey

Although the parish registers of Pleshey do not start until 1656 there is evidence of a number of Eve's here from the early 1500's.

This is a short but interesting tree full of character

First Generation

1. John Eve

Born about 1520. He died in 1577 in Pleshey. He had a sister married to a Mr Sach.

He married Joan and had the following children:

  • Christopher Eve (1) - born about 1540
  • William Eve - born about 1540
  • Nicholas Eve (2) - born about 1540
John left a will which contained the following provisions.

To Joan my wife my house called "Hawdens", the land called "Withers", a yard of 2 acres and a croft of 4 acres.

To Christopher and William my house called "Stubarts" and a croft called "Flayns", also my house called "Martens" and several parcels of land. After 3 years "Martens" and the land to Nicholas.

To Nicholas two parcels of land "Pleshe Croft".

To my wife two acres of wheat growing in the "Wythers", all the goods she bought on her marriage to me, the best cow, the poultry in the yard and the bees.

To Christopher and William one seam of barley and a house called "Boy".

To Nicholas my rounded cow.

To John Brown my servant - one bullock.

To my sister Sach one seam of barley.