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Family of James & Martha Eve

This tree is being researched by Pam Pearson who kindly made the following information available.

James Eve was born in 1838 in Maldon, Essex. He was the son of James and Lilian Eve. James was the nephew of Samuel Eve who emigrated to Australia in 1853. See previous page for a link to the Tree of Samuel Eve. James Eve also has Links to the Hatfield Peveral Tree. This can be accessed by clicking the link below.

The Hatfield Peveral Tree

James Eve was born in 1838 in Maldon, Essex. He emigrated to Australia in about 1861. He died on the 25th September 1911 in Mosman, NSW. James Eve married Martha Nairn on the 28th August 1865 in Redfern, NSW.

He was a tobacconist and had a shop in Kent Street, Sydney. He also became a member of the Legislative Assembly for the Canterbury area of NSW from the 2nd February 1891 to 25th June 1894. He was also named co-executor of his uncle Samuel's will.

James and Martha Eve had the following children;

  • Martha M Eve - born 1866. She married Edward A Pyman in 1902.
  • James E Eve (1) - born 1868. He married Lillie Hines in 1897.
  • Charles Eve - born 1869. Hr died in 1937
  • Albert S Eve (2) - born 1874.
  • Marion A Eve - 1876
  • Dowsett W Eve - born 1879. Died 1881.
  • Florence May Eve - born 1882. She married William M Croak in 1929.
  • Grace E Eve - born 1884 She married John J Key in 1919.
  • George F Eve - born 1885. He married Ethel M Parrington in 1926.
  • Marion E Eve - born 1890. She married Richard C Watts in 1929.

1 James E Eve

James E Eve was born in 1868.

He married Lillie Hines in 1897. They had the following children

  • Florence C Eve - born 1897.
  • Russell George Eve - born 1901. He married Kathleen Ruth Toovey in 1942.
  • Leila C Eve - born 1903.

2 Albert S Eve

Albert S Eve was born in born 1874.

He married Feda Cavill in 1899. They had the following children.

  • Sydney J Eve - born 1899.
  • Richmond Cavill Eve - born 1901. He married Florence A R Turner in 1924 and Iris White in 1936.

Both Sydney James Eve and Richmond (Dick) Eve traveled to the 1924 Olympic Games which were held in Paris in 1924. Richmond Eve represented Australia in the high diving event and won a gold medal. An account of his exploits is reproduced below;

Dick Eve, the son of the man who owned the pool where Charlton Beaurepaire and Henry trained (they represented Australia in the 4x200 freestyle relay), won the men's plain high diving. He did so with a near perfect last dive, to beat John Jansson of Sweden and Harold Clarke of Britain. It is the only time an Australian has won an Olympic diving medal. Eve also entered in the springboard and the fancy highboard. He finished fifth in the final of the former event in which the Americans finished 1-2-3. But he eventually pulled out of the fancy diving because of the pain from an ear infection, aggravated by the continual diving into the water.

Sydney Eve was the Treasurer of the Australian Olympic Committee and travelled to Paris as an Official.

Photographs Of Richmond Eve