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Tree of James Eve - born about 1725 - died 1788 Hatfield Peveral.

This tree traces the descendants of James Eve who was born about 1725. He died in 1788 in Hatfield Peveral.

A map showing the location of many of the areas mentioned in this tree is reproduced below.

First Generation

1 James Eve

James Eve was born about 1725. He died in 1788 at Hatfield Peverel.

He married Mary Roice in 1750 in Hatfield Peverel. She died 1781 also in Hatfield Peverel.

They had the following children born all born at Hatfield Peverel.

  • Sara Eve - born 1750. She married married William Ewers in 1768 at Langford.
  • Adam Eve (2) - born 1751
  • James Eve (3) - born 1752
  • William Eve (4) - born 1755

James left a will bequeathing 10 to son Adam; 5 to son James: 5 to son William and ? to daughter Sara wife of William Ewers. He was a Farmer.

Second Generation

2 Adam Eve

Adam Eve was born in 1751 at Hatfield Peverel. He died there in 1822.

He married Elizabeth Harris on the 3rd Dec 1772 at Woodham Mortimer. They had the following children born at Woodham Mortimer:

  • Mary Eve - born 21st Feb 1773
  • James Eve (5) - born 8th Jan 1775
  • George Eve (6) - born 4th May 1777
  • Adam Eve - christened 16th April 1780. He was buried on the 8th August 1839 at Woodham Mortimer. He married Jane Taylor in 1815 Woodham Walter. She died aged 71 in 1860. She came from Wethersfield.
  • Elizabeth Eve - born 16th April 1782. She married Robert Stebbing on the 28th April 1812. She died on the 6th Aug 1839.
  • William Eve - christened on the 22nd Jan 1786. He was buried on the 24th December 1786.
  • William Eve (7) - born 15th Feb 1788.

3 James Eve

James Eve was born in 1752 at Hatfield Peverel. He died there in 1824.

He married Mary Noake in 1783 at Horndon on the Hill. They had the following children.

  • Hannah Eve - born 1794.

James left a will saying:

  • To my nephew James of Maldon, yeoman, my watch and goods and chattels.
  • To my three neices, Elizabeth Cowell, Charlotte Clarke and Jemima Eve the rest of my goods.

He was a Victular.

4 William Eve

William Eve was born in 1755 at Hatfield Peverel. He died there in 1823

He married Mary Luckyn in 1779. They had the following children at Hatdfield Peverel.

  • Mary Eve - born 1779 She had a base-born daughter, Sara, born 1799. She died in 1803. She married James Smith at Hatfield Peverel in 1805.
  • Elizabeth Eve - born 1781. She married Ambrose Cowell 1805 at Hatfield Peverel.
  • Charlotte Eve - born 1783. She married William Clarke in 1808 at Maldon
  • Sara Eve - born 1785. She died the same year.
  • Jemima Eve - born 1790. She died in 1834.

William was a Farmer and left his leasehold property to his sons in law James Smith and William Clarke . He left his daughters Mary, Charlotte and Elizabeth all 20 each.