Eve Surname Pages


Census Listings

There are two households listed

Household 1

  • Alfred (Henry) Eve - Head of household. Age 33. Born 1869 in England. Calgaiy Central 2. Birth registration in Great Britain show a registration for an Alfred Henry Eve in Croydon in Sept 1869.
  • Alice E Eve Wife. Age 40 born 1861 in England.
  • Doris Eve - Daughter. Age 4 born 1897 in Alberta.
Household 2

  • Robert Eve Calgary North. Age 29. born 1872 in England. There are no listings for a Robert Eve born in England in 1872 except for a Charles Robert Eve registered in Greenwich in Dec 1872. The other references around that date are - Robert Eve June 1870 Hackney - James Robert Eve Sept 1870 St. Georges Han. Sq. Robert George Eve, March 1871, Croydon. There is a record of a Robert Eve aged 14 who arrived in Canada in 1885. Details can be found on the ‘Peruvian Passenger List: Port of Halifax National Archives of Canada: Microfilm Reel No. C-45 12 page 2

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