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John Eve was born before 16th Jul 1762 in Warwick, Bermuda. He died before 6th Oct 1834 in Devonshire Bermuda HHis father was Abraham EVE (c1)

He married Susanna Robinson who was born in 1776. She died on the 18th Feb 1819. They had the following children.

Francis John Eve - born 8th May 1793. He died in Devonshire on the the 8th Feb 1819. He is described as a Capt.

John Francis Eve c10 - born 17th May 1795. He married Elizabeth Holliday

John Eve is cited as being a sea captain.

There are records of land holdings taken from A Survey of the Inhabitants of Bermuda.Taken sometime between 1783 and 1808 (probably 1789)

Devonshire Parish Eve, Capn John 6 acres L 297 estate value


Abraham Eve was born before 2nd Sept 1764 in Warwick, Bermuda. He died before the 6th Oct 1834 in Devonshire Bermuda. His father was Abraham EVE (c1).

He married Martha ADDERLEY who was born on the 29th April 1769 in New Providence, Bahamas. They married: on the 3rd July 1787 also in New Providence. Note: p.40 Christ Church Record, Baptism & Marriages reads: " 1787 July 3- white-New Providence-license- by Rev. James Brown. They had the following children.

William Somarsall EVE

Susan Eliza EVE

Margaret Seton EVE

Thomas EVE - born 23rd Mar 1792

George EVE - born 5 Aug 1796

Abraham Eve was likely to be either an emigre from (1) Bermuda or alternatively a (2) loyalist from Georgia . After his marriage to Abraham Adderley's daughter he together with his father-in-law obtained a grant of 740 acres on Long Island in the names of Abraham Eve and Abraham Adderley. The grant deed describes and shows the location of the property. The deed was one of several given to loyalists in 1788 after their eviction after the American Revolution.

(1) If from Bermuda he is probably the son, named Abraham Adderley Eve born 2 Sep 1764, child of Abraham Eve, mariner, (died Nov 1802 in Brackish Pond, Bermuda) and Martha Adderley (died Apr 1794 in Brackish Pond, Bermuda) married 3 May 1759 in Bermuda. It seems likely that he married a cousin with the same name as his mother.

(2) Abraham could have been from the family of Oswell Eve and his sons William and Joseph Eve. Joseph Eve was an engineer and architect who invented a wind powered cotton gin and designed St. Matthews Church in Nassau.

By virtue of the house architecture and the wording in Abraham Adderley's will, the ruins of a two story home in Burnt Ground, Long Island adjacent to a church was probably where the Eve's residence until abandoning their plantation. The walls, steps, chimney and some coloration in 1999 were still visible.

Sources: Title: Early Bermuda Records 1619-1826 Author: A.C. Hollis Hallett Publication: Bermuda: Juniper Hill Press Page: p.79

Title: Will of Abraham Eve Repository: Nassau, Dept. of Archives

Text: names as executors Martha Eve, William Somarsall Eve, Thomas Eve and John Thomson; witnessed by C.S. Adderley, Henry Adderley , and LHL Duncomb.

Slave Claim

Thursday, 12 February 1835 Notice is hereby given that the following claims have been duly lodged in this office, since those published under the date of Feb 7: Claimants Domicile Slaves Eve, George Pembroke 1


Capt. Edward Eve was born in Warwick,Bermuda. He died in Hamilton on the 20th September 1834. His father was Abraham EVE (c1).

He married Jane Ann Somersall on the 19th Jan 1805. She was born in Hamilton Parish. She died there in 1858. They had the following children.

Edward Eve - born about 1808. He died aged 10 years old at Shelly Bay on the 4th May 1818 after 7 years of illness.

Jane Ann Eve - She married John W Foggo in Baileys Bay on the 5th December 1826.

Maragret Susan Eve - She married W H Zuill on December 13th 1842.

Edward Richard Eve (c11) - who married Juliiana Agnes Crawford

Susan Robinson Eve - died January 7th 1865.

Abraham Eve - born 1804. He died age 28 at Somers Hill on June 30th leaving a brother and a widowed mother. For many years he lived in Demerara

Mary Vesey Eve - Born 1810. She died on the 25th August 1886 at the home of Dr A Outerbrige in Flatts. She never married.

Richard Somersall Eve - born 29th November 1813.

Isabella Deane Eve - born March 3rd 1816. She married Englesbe Seon on December 24th 1842.

Slave Claim

Monday, 16 February 1835 Edward Eve - claim submitted by John W Foggo executor to the estate. Hamilton, Bermuda.